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STSA together we can re-envision vibrant jewish communities
APPLICATIONS CLOSED on January 6th, 2013

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What: Shifting Thought, Shifting Action: Berlin

When: February 3-5, 2013 

Where: Hotel Mani, Berlin

For three days in Berlin February 3-5, 2013 the Shifting Thought Shifting Action project will bring together 40 of Europe’s most inspiring leaders of Jewish communities, to learn, build, connect, and create a vision for the kinds of European Jewish communities we want be part of.

The Shifting Thought, Shifting Action Project connects young Jewish leaders, nurtures meaningful connections, ground-breaking collaborations, and equips these visionary community creators with professional tools for cutting-edge community organizing.

The participants will form a collaborative pan-European community of community organizers to build new friendships, share best practices, cooperate, and equip themselves with professional tools useful to organize vibrant and sustainable communities for the 21st Century.

Skill sessions will be led by the creators of various forms of community – Jewish and not, gift-based like Burning Man, learning-based like Limmud, glocal like Chabad and Moishe House, old and established, new and indy, value-based and space-based.

Participants will explore fascinating Jewish ideas about community and community engagement and the power of storytelling in building community. They will learn how to mobilize political campaigns, refine their language of inclusivity, and learn cutting-edge facilitation skills.

We are looking for European Jewish community creators with a vision to mobilize inspired, sustainable and creative communities in Europe, the Jewish world and beyond. They include young leaders from established communities and emerging independent communities, seasoned organizational experts and project directors to creative artists and visionary community organizers.


The Shifting Thought, Shifting Action Project will hold its first gathering in Berlin, thanks to the city´s creative atmosphere, its central location, its remarkable Jewish history, and also because it is one of the fastest growing Jewish communities in the world today.

The Shifting Thought, Shifting Action Gathering will form its own community in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of Berlin at the comfortable Hotel Mani.


A participation fee of 50 Euros will cover all meals, lodging, learning and training.

There are travel and visa subsidies available upon request.

Thanks to the cooperation with Siach Europe and JHub, limited funds are available upon request toward travel and participation fees.
Members of the ROI Community can apply for a micro grant to cover their travel expenses and up to 50 percent of their participation fee.

This gathering is an ROI Connection Point organized by the Shifting Thought Shifting Action Project, in partnership with the ROI Community, a global network of Jewish innovators.

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